Rotateller Aug 9, 2021

  District Governor, Bruce McConnolee outlined a plan that will fulfill the new Rotary “Build Bigger” Theme. “Come up with a new project that will have great community impact.

Rotateller Jun 7, 2021

  Jim Tracy, a local author who wrote “Sworn to Silence” talked about his book. The book is about Robert Garrow, a serial rapist and killer, whose crimes took place in New York in the 1970’s.

Rotateller May 10, 2021

    Katie Duell, O’Rourke Middle School teacher and students from the “Future City” team talked about their first-place win at the annual Regional Future City Competition and their fifth place in the Nationals.

Rotateller May 3, 2021

  Walter reminisced about his youth in 1941-1944 during in WWII.  His normal educational progression was interrupted by the war and he found himself in the University of Manchester studying physics as a basis for training as a radar officer.