BHBL Rotary Club Save “Books for Troops” Books for the Troops


Books for Troops collage

For ten years, retired school teacher Ms. Ellen Keegan, the founder of “Books for Troops,” and a group of dedicated volunteers, collected books of all genre, and sent them to troops and veterans all over the world.  When the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake (BHBL) Rotary Club found out about this initiative, members decided to collect books and donate them to “Books for Troops.” In early October, when a couple from BHBL Rotary went to deliver the books the club had collected, they discovered “Troops for Books” was going out of business because they had lost the facility that had been given to them for their use.  This unfortunate circumstance first created a situation where thousands of books donated to “Books for Troops” would go to a commercial book dealer, to be eventually sold, as opposed to the troops and vets they were intended.  And, secondly, the books BHBL Rotary collected were for the moment in limbo, with no know place to send them.  Fortunately, a BHBL Rotary member knew Ms. Keegan’s contact information. The club decided, if there was something we could do, we wanted to help. 

Ms. Keegan was extremely pleased to know the club wanted to do something. The situation was tenuous. Within a little over a week’s time, a commercial book dealer was going to come and collect whatever “Books for Troops” still had, which was reported as 3,000 books.  3,000 books meant for the troops and veterans were going to go to a commercial book dealer. The club had to act fast. It was decided that individual members would make contributions, and they rose to the occasion. In just a week’s time, BHBL Rotary members collectively donated $1300, enough to save and ship 3,200 “Books for Troops” books and 280 books the club had collected to 17 military hospitals for recovering troops, veterans and their families.

Members of the BHBL Rotary Club were gratified that they could in some way support the men, women and their families who have made significant personal sacrifices for our country.