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18 December 2018
7 Jan 2019

Meeting Announcements Dec 17, 2018

by Tom

  • Silas is planning a social meeting at the Cock‘n Bull for late Jan/early February. He will explore having a meeting at Stella’s in Burnt Hills, which will result in the meeting being a different night as Stella’s is unable to accommodate a Monday meeting. 
  • March 11 we will be meeting at Riverside Maple on Rte 5 near Wolf Hollow Brewery. Hopefully the taps will be flowing and we will be able to see the maple syrup being made. 
  • A dinner meeting at the high school is also being explored where a school tour would be included. 
  • Guillermo Trujillo from the Glenville Rotary attended and announced a Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee’s Saturday 12/29 8AM-10AM $8 per person. If you are on Facebook please ‘Like’ the club and indicate that you are interested in the event, to help spread the word.
  • The Glenville club is hosting an After the Holidays Holiday Party at Stella’s Tuesday 1/15 at 6:00pm $27.50 per person. Buffett with complimentary wine/beer tasting. Other local clubs are also invited.
  • The Glenville club is ringing the Salvation Army bell this Saturday 8am to 6pm at Price Chopper. Please stop by and donate, and if you’d like, spend some time ringing the bell.
  • Guillermo attended today’s Board meeting and reviewed the current investment status. He will continue to follow up with the Investment committee to stay the course to grow the investment to $50,000 in 8 years, the goal that was set when the investment was created in 2016.
  • Laura announced that Linda’s father is now at home, under hospice care. Linda expressed her pleasure at being able attend the holiday party and seeing everyone there. 
  • Peter Sawyer spoke about the Dec 14 meeting he attended at the high school where students utilized the training that the club helped fund. Leadership, inclusion, stereotyping, and how to engage people and have a constructive dialog were involved. Rotary was thanked for their support of the endeavor and they hope to continue to expand it.
  • Steve, Gregg and Dan attended the Wreaths across America ceremony at Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery. Fred attended a ceremony in Galway and Peter attended the Charlton ceremony.
  •  Mary announced that the club currently has 34 members and averages 62-70% attendance. Minutes of the monthly Board meetings, once approved, are sent to Tom for posting on the club website, on the member side.
  • The annual election of officers is deferred to January due to the lack of a complete slate of officers to present.


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Election of officers and Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 year was postponed because not all positions have been filled yet. Presentation of the current club finances.