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13 September 2017
17 Sep 2017

Meet at the Charlton General Store

by Tom Brownell

We’ll meet at the General Store for coffee at 8:00AM and move out from there. Remember to wear your yellow Rotary shirt for visibly and gloves to protect your hands.

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Project Description

Clean up trash from side of Stage Road in Charlton.For our Road Clean up this Saturday September 16th we will meet at the Charlton General Store at 8:00am.  From there we can get our coffee/breakfast and then start breaking up into teams.  I have the road broken up into 5 sections, with Section 4 being the largest and will need the most people.  Depending on how many people we will have for the clean-up, we will have 2 people per section.    Once broken up into sections, your team can either drive your team’s car to your starting point or be dropped off there.  Everyone will start on the western part of their section walking towards the east facing traffic.  Once you get to the end of your section you will cross the street and walk back towards your starting point on the other side of the street.  Section 3 and 5 may need to help Section 4 with their section since it is larger or we can split Section 4 into two sections.  As you fill up your trash bags leave them there on the side of the road.  After we finish we will go round and gather up all the trash bags in a truck.  Remember to wear your yellow Rotary shirts as they are bright colored for safety and also to show people we are out in the community.  Also wear gloves as we will be picking up trash and other dirty items