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Project Description

Bridget will address topics related to her swims in Lake George, with a bit of focus on cold swimming. Other focal points may be: Goal setting, Defining success, Maintaining an open mind in the face of preconceived notions,

About Louise:

Louise contracted polio at 6 months of age, paralyzing her right leg. She learned to walk with physical rehabilitation, but always felt drawn to the water. When Louise was just 4 years old, she remembers learning of Diane Struble’s swim of the 32-mile-long Lake George. She dreamt that perhaps, someday, she could do that. Louise met Bridget Simpson in September of 2017. Bridget completed her swim of the lake during the summer of 2017 and encouraged Louise in pursuing her dream. Louise and Bridget completed their swim across the lake in the summer of 2018.

Please join us for what promises to be an inspirational event as we celebrate Rotary’s efforts to finish the fight to End Polio Now!