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Project Description

Town-In-Bloom Planting begins at 5:30 pm. Traditional work night pizza at the Town Hall.

Gregg reported on the Finance Committee which reviewed the current club budget. Charity expenses are to be distributed in amounts reflective of club ideals and to organizations that best exemplify those goals. It was emphasized that fundraisers must raise enough to satisfy those expenses.  100% participation of club members is needed to ensure successful fundraisers. Holding the Chicken BBQ in conjunction with the School District Meet the Coaches Night in August and using Spartan Catering will serve to increase revenue and raise club visibility in the community. Having a 50/50 at every event, repeating the Thanksgiving Centerpiece and advertising placemats will provide additional revenue.  On the Club Operating Funds side the challenge was to minimize expenses as much as possible while reflecting them accurately. Many members do not turn in receipts for reimbursement, making the expense lines difficult to calculate. RI and District dues have been increasing annually with no concurrent increase in club dues making less money available for operating expenses.  It is recommended that dues be increase from $75-$95 twice yearly. Comparison with other clubs in the area shows that $95 is in the low end of dues. Gregg asked for feedback on the budget and especially the dues increase.

A slideshow of pictures from the over 17-year history of Town of Bloom accompanied Mary’s review of the project. Town in Bloom is a Rotary supported community project. Pictures of workdays were shown and particular mention was made of long time Town in Bloom shepherds Val Mosier and Kathy Rogers as well as Floyd Baker and Bill McClary.  Gini Whetten planted daffodils at the Library, which gave a much needed boost to spring this year. Not planting at the corner of Rte 50 and Lakehill Rd means a loss of visibility for the project. It is planned to place signs at the remaining locations.