Monday Jan 11, 2021

Andy Gilpin

Executive Director CAPTAIN Community Human Services

Andy Gilpin – Executive Director, CAPTAIN Community Human Services

CAPTAIN Community Human Services help support and empower people of all ages to reach their goals of personal growth and self-sufficiency. Strengthening communities.

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By Beth

With the BHBL Rotary Club’s BOOKS FOR TROOPS teamwork, grunt work, and individual generosity, BH-BL Rotary Club members collectively donated $1,500 and saved and mailed 4,400 books in 294 cartons to military hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout the United States!
BH-BL Rotary has been letting America’s military community know that we appreciate their service and their sacrifices.
Our Books for Troops mission was accomplished! Books will no longer be accepted at Gils Garage in Burnt Hills. The Donation box has been removed.

 Thank you for your generous participation in this BHBL Rotary initiative!