Monday Oct 23, 2017

Nigar Hale

Chariman BH-BL BPA Visioning Committee

BH-BL BPA Visioning Committee Update

Beth Bownell introduced Rick Noel, President of the BPA. He introduced Niger Hale, Chairperson of the Visioning Committee. She is the Vice President of Marketing and Membership Connections for the Southern Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. The Visioning Committee’s mission is “to develop and implement a strategy and plan for the BH-BL community, including portions of towns served by the BH-BL School District”. Its goals are: “ to sustain and enhance academic excellence, enhance local quality of life along with the sense of place and community pride, support the retention and expansion of local business opportunities and local agriculture, support the expansion and connection of active and passive recreational opportunities, and leverage the historical and agricultural heritage of the area.”

The committee has surveyed the communities to see what future concerns and directions the committee should pursue. A key issue they are discussing is the development of the Route 50 corridor between Anderson Boat and Fogg’s Automotive. Discussion about sewer & water requirements to attract new businesses and the type of businesses continues. For example, new hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts and family restaurants all require adequate water and sewage capacity. The redevelopment of the BH Bowling Lane site was given as an example of an unused property which could attract new businesses.

The development of the passive Anchor Diamond Park at Hawkwood was mentioned as a new town recreational asset which will enhance the quality of life in the area. A lively discussion followed, with representatives from The Burnt Hills Mom’s Club especially full of ideas, some seen in other communities that perhaps could be used here. It was noted that the fact that we are a lakeside town should be stressed in the Visioning publications and logos promoting our area.

Developing safe haven locations for our teenagers to gather is being discussed. Concern over making the business district more walkable by having sidewalks was expressed. Building/property design standards and solid zoning guidelines need to be in place to ensure positive controlled growth.

The committee members attend the Ballston Town Board Meetings to stay current with what is a happening and to influence government actions which will enhance the surrounding communities.

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