Monday Jan 14, 2019

Tom Brownell

BHBL Rotary Club Webmaster and Foundation Chairman BHBL Rotary Club

BHBL Website and Foundation Update

Tom Brownell displayed the club website and reviewed the location of items of interest to members. The Rotateller is accessible from multiple locations-easiest is under ‘About Us’ tab on the home page. Program summaries are also to be found on the calendar-just click on the date. You will also find more pictures available there than can be inserted into the Rotateller. These pictures may be downloaded. Logging in to the members side will display the announcements made at the meetings. The announcements will disappear after two weeks.Tom also reviewed the location of the setup/cleanup schedule, HowTo guides (which need constant updating as each event occurs), Administrative documents including the approved BOD minutes and Donation Request Guidelines.The member information spreadsheet is in pdf format and may be printed, if desired. Committees have their specific areas and one goal is to have all committees populated with members able to post information and email from there as well. 
It is imperative that as new members join the club, we have someone who can learn the Word Press template system which is the basis for the website. Having one person managing the website is unwise. Learning how to post events and announcements is not difficult. It is important to have multiple members learn this task. Redundancy in the many tasks that allow the club to function is a long-term goal. Soon the Rotateller “scribe” and editors schedules will be added. Tom also posted information on the Foundation and our club’s current contribution level as well as those of the past few years. At the moment we have contributed approximately half of our annual goal. Keep up the good work! This information is available under the Admin Docs in the member’s area.

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Rotary Foundation named World's Outstanding Foundation for 2016

By Tom

The Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized The Rotary Foundation with its annual Award for Outstanding Foundation at its 2017 conference in San Francisco.

The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. Some of the boldest names in American giving — Kellogg, Komen, and MacArthur, among others —are past honorees.