Monday Oct 30, 2017

Sue Catroppa

Executive Director CAPTAIN Community Human Services

CHS and CAPTAIN merger

CAPTAIN and CHS both have 40 years of experience in providing services to southern Saratoga County and northern Schenectady County. With the imminent retirement of John Irving from CHS, a merger of the two organizations was explored. CAPTAIN has an annual budget of $2 million and CHS $800,000. Funding comes from a combination of federal, state and local grants as well as from local fund raising activities. The merger should be complete by the end of 2017.

The two groups provide complimentary services to the homeless, those living in poverty, those without adequate resources to pull themselves up as well as families in crisis, the elderly, adolescents and families facing the challenges of a special needs family member. A youth shelter for homeless and runaway teens provides counseling, tutoring, referral, and life skills training. A new program to provide transitional housing for displaced youth ages 18-24 will begin in 2019. Summer meals, Holiday programs providing food and toys as well as “Care Links” which trains volunteers to provide supportive services to the at home elderly to help them remain independent in their homes for as long as possible are some of the other other programs CAPTAIN/CHS provide. The group also contracts with BHBL Central School District to provide social workers throughout the schools.

CAPteens is a youth development program that focuses on building leadership skills, helping others and philanthropy has been in place in the Shenendahowa CSD. This may be a model the BHBL Rotary can use as part of the program with the BHBL HS SGO mentioned in the announcements. Sue Catroppa was very enthusiastic about pursing this.

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Apple Pie Festival

Apple Pie Festival

By Tom

Come join us at the annual Apple Pie Festival! On Election Day, Nov 7th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in BHBL High Cafeteria. Come enjoy apple pie, ice cream, cheese, coffee, cider while listening to Doctor Spring’s Rehabilitated Dixieland Jazz Band. $7 for Adults, $5 Kids 5-12, Under 5 Free.

Apple Pie Festival

APF planning

Social Event  •   Organized by Apple Pie Festival
By Beth

Sign up sheets for the following have been circulated at the last two meetings and will be available at the 10/30 meeting.

Pie baking(3) or $20 donation. Bring pies to the event. Monetary donation goes to Silas

Job sign up-bringing supplies/consumables as well as jobs on the day of the event. If you have not yet signed up, please contact Silas.

Door prize solicitation sign up. Event posters and solicitation letters are available. Contact Beth and Silas when door prizes have been obtained, so that Thank you notes can be sent and the orize can be added to the list used by the emcee.

Set up begins at 4pm in the HS cafeteria.