Monday Oct 16, 2017

Chad Orzel

Professor of Physics & Astronomy Union College

Exotic Physics of an Ordinary Morning Video

Chad Orzel, PhD, author of ‘How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog’, will be seen, via a 16 minute video created by TEDxAlbany. Created for the educated layperson, it takes us on a humorous journey through the physics involved in getting out of the house every day.

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TIB Clean Up

TIB clean up details!

Community / Work Project  •   Organized by
By Beth

For those who did not receive by email a specific job assignment from Mary Anderson, come to the flower beds at the corner of Rte 50 and Lakehill Rd at 9AM on this Saturday 10/14. There is plenty of work for all! Bring gardening gloves, as well as a shovel and garden/leaf rake. The Brownells will bring a trash barrel to keep things separated.