Monday Nov 19, 2018

Kelly Stewart

Member, Town Board Town of Ballston

Fireman’s Grove, initial plans

Scribe: Beth Brownell

Kelly presented information on the town acquisition of Fireman’s Grove. Copies of the Long Range Master Plan for Town parks were available for review. Jenkins Park, which now has its own taxing district, which limits it’s funds, may come under the town. Last spring the town bought Fireman’s Grove from the Ballston Lake Fire Department, funded by parks and rec fees collected when town land is developed.
 Potential plans include a splash pad, funding for a new pavilion as the old one was torn down, refurbishment of the kitchen/bathrooms, clearing the pond so in the winter it can be used for skating, installation of a play yard near the pavilion. The field will be left mostly open. Perhaps a baseball diamond will be installed. It will not be turned into multiple athletic fields. The field needs to be leveled and groomed. Installation of an amphitheater in the hillside on the far side of the park is another idea. There will be coordination with the school district for bike/walking/running paths to connect to Stevens School. It will improve safety for those who are now running alongside Lakehill Rd and Rt146A on their way to the bike path next to Carneys.
What projects are done, and what order, depends on the affordability and will be phased in. The process is in the early stages with landscape architects currently working on it. Once costs are firmed up and funding sources identified, there will be grant opportunities using municipal matching funds.
There are also opportunities for community groups like Rotary, Eagle Scout candidates etc. to participate in smaller projects. BOCES students may become involved by aiding in construction. The park will be open eit is rented. Security cameras will be installed.
The Planning Board is also working with owners of undeveloped parcels in the town to ensure future open space.

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