Monday Apr 8, 2019

Tim Szczepaniak

Supervisor Town of Ballston

Town of Ballston Update

     This past Monday’s meeting the club had the pleasure of hearing from the Town of Ballston Supervisor, Tim Szczepaniak, present the up and comings for the town. I unfortunately was unable to attend due to a last minute work trip. So, instead of a summary of what he spoke about, here is an excerpt from Tim in the “Ballston Bulletin” this month.
     “Spring is in the air and the Town of Ballston has caught the “spring cleaning” bug. The Town is currently in the process of sweeping streets, so you may see our vehicles out and about. 
   Date for the annual Town Wide Clean up is May 4thand Household Bulk Pickup is June 9th. “
  “Our work continues on our zoning changes as we take into account all comments made during the extended public commenting period. We want to make the right decisions and a large part of that is listening to the needs of our residents. A summary of the proposed zoning and subdivision changes, as they stand now, is available on the home page of the Town’s website:”
    Finally, the work at Fireman’s Grove continues to move ahead. Kubrick Construction will begin excavation work this Thursday for the pavilion concrete floor. They hope to have it completed by the end of next week.”

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