Rotateller Jan 17, 2022

  Marisa Multari, Capital Region Rotary Club, and Rich Curry from CarePatrol, joined us to share information about CarePatrol of the Capital District. CarePatrol is a matchmaker for senior citizens to assist them in finding a residence suitable for their…

Rotateller Dec 6, 2021

  Presentation by Maggie Fronk from Wellspring.  Wellspring is the domestic violence and sexual assault services organization for Saratoga County residents and for sexual assault services for Washington County residents. 

Rotateller Nov 22, 2021

  This week we had the pleasure of hearing from a local author and historian, Carol Daggs.  She has focused on the small area outside of Saratoga Springs that is known as Brandtville.

Rotateller Nov 15, 2021

  Jason recently purchased the old Charlton Firehouse at 786 Charlton Road. We had the joy of hearing about Jason’s vision and plans for developing an artisan woodworking studio.

Rotateller Nov 8, 2021

  Leslie Swedish is the Executive Director of the Moxxi Women’s Foundation and the owner of Moxxi Coffee Company.  She defines Moxxi as a force of character, determination or nerve – also as tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery and resilience.

Rotateller Oct 11, 2021

  Max Halabuda discussed the work of the organization “Things of My Very Own”. Their mission is to give children the things they need to heal who have been impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect and for those children at…