Each year BH-BL Rotary Club along with others in our local community and nationally sponsor scholarship opportunities at BH-BL High School. Scholarship applications and information can be found on the Scholarship Board in the Counseling Center. Students are encouraged to stop down frequently and take a moment to look through all the offerings and talk with their counselor.

These first 3 scholarships sponsored by BH-BL Rotary need to be applied for:

BH-BL Rotary Award for Citizenship and Service

This award is given in honor of many great BH-BL Rotarians like Dr. Stanley Garrison, Ken Fritz, Bill Sewell and others whose commitment, dedication and generosity has made a lasting impact on our community. It is a $1,000 award to a graduating senior selected because he/she has demonstrated leadership, honesty, responsibility, and compassion. This student should exemplify the true meaning of citizenship and have shown uncommonly strong commitment to service both to the school and our community.

BH-BL Rotary Award for Education

This award is given in honor of Jennie Pennington and others whose decades of commitment and dedication to the education of thousands of children in this community and around the state. Jennie Pennington was the first female Rotarian in the BH-BL Rotary Club. She was Principal of the BH-BL High School form many years. This $1,000 award is given to an outstanding graduating senior who has elected to pursue a career in education.

BH-BL Rotary Science/STEM Award

The BH-BL Rotary Science/STEM award, for $750, is given in honor of Jack and Mary Wolfe and other science innovators.

Scholarships awarded by BH-BL Rotary but cannot by applied for:

BH-BL Rotary Skilled Workforce* Scholar Award

Recognizing the need for a skilled workforce, the award is given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a strong desire to pursue a career in skilled trades like construction, manufacturing, or automotive trades. The student may go on to further education but may not be currently enrolled in a program. The student should be mechanically inclined as demonstrated by intuitively working with machinery, tools and hands to make things work. Preference will be given to the student who has completed an internship or is currently employed in one of the CTE fields. The $1,000 award can be used for “tools of the trade”, enrollment in an educational program or other needs to support the student’s chosen trade. The recipient is chosen by the Principal of BH-BL High School with input from CTE teachers, Department Chair, BOCES Instructors, and Guidance Counselors.

*”Skilled Workforce” includes but is not limited to the following: plumbers, pipe fitters, electricians, carpenters, HVAC technicians, automotive technicians, cabinet makers, roofers, siders, heavy equipment operators, painters, welders, machinists, drywallers, brick layers, sheet metal workers, masons, concrete finishers, etc.

BH-BL Rotary Interact Award

Interact is a high school service organization that stands for International Action and is sponsored by Rotary. The BH-BL Interact club is involved with a multitude of local, regional, national and international service projects that brings aid to those in need. The BH-BL Rotary Interact Award is given to an upper classman who has been a devoted and committed member of the club. The recipient is a student who demonstrates selfless service to others, a strong work ethic, positive leadership skills, and a friendly and welcoming demeanor.  This $250 award is a surprise and is given at the end of year Interact meeting.

BH-BL Rotary Charlton Girls School Scholarship Fund

Given as a contribution directly to the Charlton Girls School Scholarship Fund to be used to support their scholarship program. This $1,000 donation is presented at the annual Rotary picnic held at the school.