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30 October 2017
8 Nov 2017

Apple Pie Festival

by Tom

Come join us at the annual Apple Pie Festival! On Election Day, Nov 7th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in BHBL High Cafeteria. Come enjoy apple pie, ice cream, cheese, coffee, cider while listening to Doctor Spring’s Rehabilitated Dixieland Jazz Band. $7 for Adults, $5 Kids 5-12, Under 5 Free.

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9 October 2017
8 Nov 2017

Door prize solicitation/work sign up sheets

by Beth

Door prize solicitation letters, cardstock signs, work sign up sheets and the “pie baking in lieu of $20” sheet will all be available at the next three club meetings.

If you are unable to attend the meetings and wish to sign up, contact Silas Schrader.

If you have obtained (or have been promised) a door prize, please notify Silas.

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Social Event
Apple Pie Festival

Apple Pie Festival

7 November 2017
5:00 PM To 8:00 PM

The Apple Pie Festival is held in the BHBL High School Cafeteria. It features Apple Pies from Smith’s Bakery at 4561 Jockey Street, Ballston Spa, the Mourning Kill Bakery at 310 Charlton Road, Ballston Spa and from our own BHBL Rotary…

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