Monday May 6, 2019

Sue Johnson

Seeds for Peace Saratoga Springs

Seeds for Peace

Sue Johnson from Seeds for Peace gave us an informative and inspiring presentation; one that showed what one person with a great, compassionate idea and a lot of energy can do to positively effect literally thousands of lives! We heard a very detailed description of where her seeds went, who and how they helped recipients and how her seed acquisition, distribution and marketing system worked.

Sue’s journey, which led to her establishing the Non-Profit “Seeds for Peace,” started when in 1998 she read about post-war Bosnians who could no longer use their home gardens for food. She decided to send them seeds, and thus this great initiative was “germinated.”

Today, Sue sends seeds to 18 countries, many of them in Africa. Her donated seeds, as well as garden tools help the down trodden – orphans, refugees, widows, and survivors of domestic violence and war– to feed themselves, and to regain their human dignity.

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