Apple Run Guide

Apple Run Timeline

(Printable pdf) (Download MS Word File)


  • Middle School Facilities Use Rental submitted BHBL CSD website, online?
  • Sponsor letters mailed: need copy, and list
  • Timing Company: AREEP cc order


  • USTAF Insurance; insurance for what? cc order/invoice
  • Create spreadsheet for race sign ups- Tom can create a blank
  • PR: Create Race application (Chris Nyhan will help) need cc; make sure to include sponsors logos on form (all the sponsors?);
  • PR: Sign up with for registration (runner registration? race registration?)need cc
  • PR: Update Rotary web site with current application form
  • PR: List Race on Runner Sites (need webpage names and info to be entered)
    • HMRRC
    • Saratoga Stryders
    • Fulton Montgomery RR Club
  • PR: Set dates for Rotary meetings: 1 to label mailings (July), 1 to stuff goodie bags (Monday before race); contact President Elect for dates.
  • PR: Social media: twitter (whose?) FB-ours? anybody else? we can post on other club pages; update club web site home page to feature the AR
  • PR: Advertising: Adirondack Sports&Fitness (2 month ad)
    • Gazette-community page
    • TV?
    • Hometown-August edition Apple Run 5k

Need addresses of above and sample ads


  • PR: Combine last years entry list with this years Charlton 5K list (why?-for email blast?)
  • PR: Print labels for mailing (mailing what? where does the list come from?)
  • PR: Copy application forms for mailing and elementary school distribution; need copies and does the form going to the elementary school need district approval?
  • PR: Get large and small signs updated by AJ signs (need pix of the sign or copy of what is put on sign); how iinvoiced?
  • PR: Bring all material to meeting for mailing (what material?-labels and postcards?)
  • Safety: Form committee to determine safety issues and how to deal with them (Ken).
    • Review last years race for issues that came up or procedures to modify.
    • Review:
      • Do we need detours?
      • Do we need more volunteers? Minimum #
      • Fire Department-what about them? phone #?


  • Contact t-shirt company: what information do we give them and/or request?
  • Art for tshirts: check with Gini re: criteria
  • PR: Send email blast to all on the combined Apple Run and Charlton 5K list; need copy of email
  • PR: Contact sponsors for race bag donations (contact how? what are we asking for need copy)
  • PR: Place race signs in Glenville (where?)
  • Safety: Contact: State police phone #?
    • Glenville police phone #
    • Saratoga County Sheriff phone #

What are we asking for? Is it just a notification?

  • Contact Ham operators- are there any we usually contact?
  • Contact Ballston Lake Emergency Squad- what are we asking for?


  • Door Prizes: ? buy? solicit? how?
  • Order Bibs, spray chalk, pins, from Rainbow Racing; cc order/invoice
  • Order awards from Goldstocks (early Sept); pictures, engraving sample; cc order/invoice
  • Create Label for bibs: sample, what size? how many; who does it?
  • Order food for Race Day: Dino’s, Apple from FoCastle, bagels from PC need amounts, cost, how paid for
  • PR: Re-send email blast to combined Apple Run and Charlton 5K list mid months
  • PR: bring all goodie bag material to RC meeting the Monday before the race
  • Safety: ensure committee members have schedule, course map and station locations
  • Ask club members to sign up for tasks the night before and day of the race-need copy of sign up sheet?
  • Proof of Rotary Insurance for School District?

Week before the race: check with Middle School (Who? Number? Email?) to see if can set up in cafeteria the night before

Friday night before the race:

  • Set up the Finish Line
  • Mark out the Fun Run Mile
  • Pick Up pizza, apples
  • If possible, set up cafeteria- need floor plan

Day of the race

  • Safety:
    • Cone the road
    • Place course monitors
    • Place Ham operators
    • Sweeper care at the end of the race
    • Set up detours
    • Safety meeting of all course monitors: items reviewed

The day of items need to be fleshed out