Christmas Tree Lighting Guide

Community Tree Lighting and Concert Guide

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In February we get a bill for the ad in the Music Company Orchestra program; historically paid by Bob Youmans ($75); will have Katherine Mcintry? of the orchestra email the club with the requestor; it may be sent via snail mail.

In late spring orchestra contacts Rotary to confirm date; Fall 2016: Bob Y will arrange to have them email the club for this.

First Tuesday in December

Groups involved:


  • Arranges with town for lights to be placed on tree (Ray C.)
  • Entertainment- someone to begin program, lead carols, introduce Santa
  • Crowd control; guide Santa into the library ahead of crowd
  • Provides megaphone (TH basement)
  • Creates flyers for elementary school children and posters to be hung locally


  • Organizes the activities inside- provides spot for Santa to sit, inside line monitors (utilizes teens to help), crafts?
  • Contact-Karen DeAngelo, head librarian

BH Fire Department

  • Provides fire truck ride for Santa; helps to guide crowd to tree for ceremony, then in to Library in order fashion


  • Prints songbooks as direction of; 1 verse of carols; provides cocoa/treats served outside; table set up near Library entrance


Santa suit belongs to Bob Youmans, currently resides with Jim Schultz (Santa)

(need contact information)

–BHBL use of Facilities Form– completed by whom? Is that done by the orchestra?



  • Arranges for songbooks to be printed (if new ones needed, they are collected at the end of the event)


  1. Contacts BHBL PR person (Tara Mitchell) to review flyers and that are distributed to elementary school;
  2. Contacts Santa to ensure will continue:
    • phone___
    • email_____
  3. Contacts _____ at BH FD to arrange for truck and driver (or call chief)
  4. Contacts speaker NAME and reviews last years– script.
  5. Once event flyer and poster approved by BHBL PR, have printed at Mailnmore-they know numbers for each school.



  1. Contact Library to see how plans coming along for inside; and if any issue
  2. Contact Fire Department as to any changes; confirm as to location of where Santa–s fire truck will park in the library parking lot.; confirm cell phone # for contact during event
  3. Friday before Thanksgiving event flyers are delivered to elementary school to be sent home the Monday of Thanksgiving week
  4. Ensures insurance submitted to BHBL district facilities use coordinator (Mike Brewster)- if needed

Day of event


  1. Arrive at HS ~5:30 to ensure back door and music warm up room are unlocked; check in with orchestra to see if they need anything.
  2. Library parking lot-cone off area in front of tree; early to mid-afternoon; cones from Gil–s Garage (Mike Brewster)
  3. Ensure the tree lights are working; megaphone has batteries
  4. Ensure the crowd leaves room for the fire truck
  5. Coordinates via cellphone when Santa arrives
  6. Stations one or more members inside the Library doors to prevent crowd entry prior to Santa entering the building.